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Swinney, Chris
Chris Swinney
Partial Resume

32 years in Film

From the World Trade Center on 9/11 to Hollywood, Chris Swinney has spent 30 years in the film business. Working From Producer,Production Coordinator, Stunt Coordinator, Second Unit Director,Set medic, Stunt Man, Driver, PA,Writer, he is a Vet-Firefighter and was one of the Firefighters sent out to New York to World Trade Center on 9/11 to help with the rescue efforts. After return he was called again to respond to Sholow, Az to fight a 500,000 acre fire. His crew was over run in Pine Dale, Arizona when a wall of fire came over the hill side 200 ft high and 8 miles wide.

He is called on in the film business several times as a Set Fire Safety Officer. His grandparents own the Sanchez Mine in the Arizona Mountains a town called Safford. Here he learned a lot about explosives starting at the age of 9. These attributes are what made him of value in both the World Trade Center as EOD and the Film business in stunts or pyro, and now a member of the Taurus World Stunt Academy.

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