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Media THP
Remi Vaughn
213 290-0511

MediaTHP is a team of international filmmakers who has been very fortunate to have worked on feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials in many countries around the world.

We have chosen Arizona as our base of operations and have been here with our parent company, Three Horizons Productions (THP), for several years. Our goal with the promotional/industry division of THP, called MediaTHP, is to design, create, and distribute compelling stories for companies and people who want to feature their unique capabilities to their customers.

One of our market differentiators is that we apply storytelling and filmmaking techniques to our work – and going above and beyond producing video assets.

• We can develop content and concepts
• We can also provide end-to-end distribution to push your video assets to your customers
• We can also dovetail in your current marketing initiatives in whatever maturity stage you’re at

Our expertise in content development covers three specific areas: Education, Cybersecurity, and IT.

We have created strategic alliances with branding and social media partners to deliver a complete video production package – it’s not just about making a video it’s about delivering and pushing it to clients and potential leads.

We look forward to working with you and building positive relationships with the community.

Not Afraid!
Paul Cuoco

Not Afraid! is a unique media production and technical consulting firm. We fuse the power of story with technical mastery to tap a vital emotional connection with your audience. This innovative approach allows us to create media, events, and interactive experiences that will expand the reach of your unique message into new and exciting marketplaces.

1057 S Agnes Lane, Gilbert AZ
Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group LLC
Tamara McDaniel or Rusty Case
the local film coop group we run
company IMDB page

Bio and Resumes available on request. Below please find links to IMDB pages for principals
IMDB for Rusty Case –
IMDB for Tamara McDaniel –

7545 W Hazelwood St. Phoenix