March 19, 2016

Audio Recording Studio


You can book your sessions by phone or email

Call (602) 399-9500 (Chris) to book the recording studio.
or Email to check availability, let us know the date and time you are interested in and we will get back to you asap.
Email Chris:

Rates:  $40 per hour, includes engineer. (Two hour minimum).
FULL DAY Discount rate: $300 for 10 hours
Mixing and Mastering are separate fees and are unique to each project.

Booking the recording studio includes (requires) an Audio Engineer to work with you.

Mixing Room, Drum Room, Instrument/Vocal/Foley Sound Room.  Perfect for recording audio of any kind from music to voice overs to ADR to scoring your film or TV product.

Want to hear samples recorded in the studio? Click here.



All your audio recording needs under one roof.

Yamaha Baby Grand Piano

Powerplay 16 (Channel Digital Personal Mixer) (watch)

Foley Box with environments

House Drum Set (5 Piece Set)

Equator (Q15s 1000 watts)

Equator (Q12s)

Equator (minis)

WSL AWS 924 Analogue Workstation System

Thump 18s Mackie

MPX 550 Lexicon

Behringer Autocom Pro XL

A Massive Collection Sound Fx Cds

Solid State Logic Xl Logic Alpha Link

HDX Pro Tools 10



Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Pop Filters

Mic Locker

2          AKG C214 Large Condenser

1          Neumann TLM 102 Large Condenser

2          AKG Perception 170 Small Condenser

2          Shure PG81 Small Condenser

1          Shure PG52 Large Dynamic

3          Shure PG56 Medium Dynamic

1          Audio Technica ATR55 Shotgun Condenser

1          AKG D112 Large Dynamic

5          Shure SM57 Dynamic

1          Sennheiser 835 Dynamic

2          MXL R144 Ribbon

1          Behringer T-47Tube Condenser